Monday, August 13, 2007

Me upon my pony on my boat


The Sailor Girl Socks are done, with almost no warning--it's been a couple of months since I blogged about these, and progress came so slowly that I was surprised when it was time to start the toe. The yarn is Duet Sock Yarn, in Sailor Girl. The pattern is a garter rib stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks, with an eye of the partridge heel. I was so anxious to start these socks that I fudged a little on the counting, and as a result they are a little less even than I'd like them to be. Or maybe they're exactly even, and I just counted wrong at the end? I still need to soak these in a vinegar bath as directed on the label, but I only have balsamic and apple cider vinegar in the house so it will have to wait.

MsDuetI wanted to finish Sailor Girls before Stitch N Pitch so that I could use the needles for a pair of socks made with this Mariners' Themed Duet Sock Yarn. This was part of the Renaissance Yarns ticket package, the colors are dead on (with a minimum amount of the dreaded teal). I can't believe that I haven't blogged this yarn already, but I think I picked it up during the first rush of Ravelry uploading. Sorry if it's a duplicate, although it's such nice looking yarn that I can't imagine anyone cruising knitting blogs would really object.

It's cold at Safeco Field in April and September (and sometimes in the other months), so a nice pair of team socks will help take off the chill. I want to rush into these a little bit less, though--maybe swatch a little. I love the stripes on the Sailor Girl socks, and I think that the pattern looks good, but I plain stockinette would have been just as nice. That may be the way to go with this pair, just keep it simple and let the yarn do the work for me. Except for the work that involves casting on, knitting and/or purling, turning heels, etc.

Here's a close up of Sailor Girl's heel area:



tiennie said...

Hooray for pretty sailor girl socks!

Kristy said...

Those socks are so pretty! I like the colors and idea for your next pair. Those should be fun!

emicat said...

I love how the duets knit up! I've been thinking about using that pattern for some duets I have and like how yours turned out :)