Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mystery Stole 3: The Beginning

Clue 1 Chart A

This morning, after visits to the Dog Park, Bead Store, and a local Farmer's Market, I started the Mystery Stole. I've made it through Chart A of Clue 1, as shown above in the not-quite-straight photo--I just noticed that the beads on each side appear to be on different rows, but that's just bad pinning, not bad beading. I haven't had any problems yet, but I need to start building in some checks to make the inevitable screw up more fixable - marking the stitch intervals on the chart, for instance, or stringing a lifeline. I feel good about my progress, although when I look at blogs of people who started earlier (notably another Carrie), I realize that I'm have a lot of knitting to do before I'll be ready for next week's clue!

The beads that I selected are matte metallic green, and I like they way they look so far. I generally don't want to wear a lot of shiny stuff, and I didn't want a lot of contrast, so I think that these are a good choice. They're the same as my favorite beads from this beaded cuff--my local bead store had the same kind that I bought in Arizona in March. Here's a close up:


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tiennie said...

Very pretty start!