Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finishes and Starts

Beaded Cuff

This week I not only finished the Inside Out Socks, but also the beaded cuff that I started (several times) while I was in AZ in March. Once the beads are on the yarn, the knitting is speedy--until you come to a bead stringing error, and need to rip out a row, cut the yarn, fix the order of the beads, and then continue. This only happened once on this cuff, and not until I was very close to the end, so it wasn't much of a problem at all. I haven't started stringing the beads for cuff #2, which will use the same beads / yarn, but will most likely have rows of beads rather than squares. I like how this worked out with my first pair, and it livens things up a little. Here's an on-arm photos, showing the cuff in action:

Cuff in Action

Yikes, my hand looks huge in this photos--I'm trying to convince myself that the problem is the angle of the photo, so if you feel differently keep it to yourself! No ETA on when I will start cuff #2, I've got to get fired up to string beads again, so it may be awhile.

While on the plane to LA last weekend, I started a new pair of Anemoi mittens. The beaded cuff and the inside out socks were too close to being finished to take along, and the Bohus and Wicked are too bulky. The patten is, of course, from Eunny Jang, and this time I'm using solid colored Louet Gems yarn. I love the way the variagated Sundara yarn looked in the last pair, but I wanted to try some colors that were more muted and less contrasty. Here's the palm:

Anemoi Mitten in progress - palm

and here's the top of the hand:

Anemoi Mitten in progress - hand

So far, so good, right? Today I'm too tired to work from a chart, so I've started yet another new project, this one for Project Spectrum. And did I mention that I started a new pair of socks this week, plain stockinette socks that I can knit in the car? So in the last week, I finished two projects, and started three new projects--hmmm, no wonder I'm slipping further behind . . .


tiennie said...

Very cool beaded cuff! I like the Anemois you've got going too.

Kristy said...

I love the colors for the new mitten! It's such a great pattern that I keep thinking about making another pair too :)

pamela wynne said...

I love the beaded cuff! And great colors for the Anemois.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have googled your blog while searching a "Beaded Cuffs" ;)

Please excuse my curiosity, but I wonder where did you get an idea?

Point is that my wife makes similar stuff, but with an old belarusian ornamrntal patterns (BTW you may be interested to have a look on those cuffs in her LJ blog here).

As I was told, originally such a cuffs were a part of Swedish traditional folk costume. But I spent an hours trying to get any firther information about it — all in vain :(

So may be you could help? Thank you in any case! :)