Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Maybe This Will Keep Me Cool

Sundara Sock June

We had record high temperatures here in the Seattle area today--97 degrees. No, it isn't particularly humid, yes, it will cool down considerably tomorrow, but it still stinks. The dogs are hot, but not so hot that they will stop touching me. The power was out for part of the day (not a big deal), the internet is down (a bigger deal--I've got work to do tonight), so I'm at the public library to access my files & soak up some AC. It's not that cool here, and there are some people talking on a cell phone, arguing with some customer service rep about a bill or something. Very frustrating evening, not helped by the heat--nothing accomplished, no relaxing, and no baseball to watch on tv.

Anyway, some cool blue yarn is bound to help, right? This is the June installment of Sundara Yarn's Petals Collection, and I love it. It came quite awhile ago, but I didn't post right away and then I forgot I hadn't. I'm not sure if I'll knit the pattern, I've had my fill of cable socks for the time being, but I love the color. I've been a little sorry that I used my favorite ball of sock yarn for Sockapalooza, but this shade can take it's place. There's a bluer blue to this, and some purple, and the shade matches the purple hyacinth theme perfectly. I feel calmer already--or I would if the library wasn't about to close, with me racing to post this.


Heather said...

97 degrees, yikes! I thought it was bad over here, but it sounds like you have it just as bad.

The Sundara yarn is beautiful. I may just have to sign up in October. I wasn't familiar with her yarn, but it looks lovely.

tiennie said...

This yarn is beautiful, isn't it?

It's too hot for me! I'm hiding out in my house!

Ami said...

Pretty yarn... Lovely blog. I just found via tiennie's. I've been enjoying reading your older posts.

Missmalice said...

love the petals yarn. Am waiting and waiting for mine. I hope it arrives soon!! Almost finished my sockapalooza 4s - half a foot left to go.
Am in Calgary at the mo - boy oh boy it is hot. how are the puppies faring in the heat?