Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Day, Another Bandwagon

Mystery Swatch

You know what this means--I've joined Mystery Stole #3, and I've even swatched. The yarn is Alpaca With a Twist Fino, it's an alpaca silk blend. The swatch was knit on size #4 Addi Lace needles, and I like the way it looks. The stockinette looks a little loose when pinned and put under the harsh interregation light that I use for photography, but it is fine.

Here's the swatch, pre-pinning:

Mystery Shawl Swatch

The green yarn that I'm using (everything is green lately) is somewhat richer than it looks in the photo--it changes a lot with the light. Here's how the color looked outside, today at sunset:

Alpaca with a Twist Fino

Totally different colors, but both photos are accurate. Usually I don't see as much of a difference. I like the color, and am excited to pick out some beads tomorrow and get started on the clues. There are a ton of people working on this (about 6,000), so there are lots of photos already in circulation--I expect that that will be a big help!

Now back to the Bavarian Rockstars--I'd still like to finish them up this weekend!

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filambulle said...

Green is such a mysterious colour! Great choice. :)