Thursday, April 26, 2007

Walking on the Wild Tide

My April Rockin' Sock Club kit arrived today, and I'm officially sorry that I started two new projects in the last week. I really can't start anything new until I free up some of those tiny needles! Also, the new pattern has a knee-high option that requires a second skein, and I need a little time to decide whether I want to give that a go. The pattern is great, but it looks like it will require some attention--it might not work as a knit-while-driving project.

Speaking of projects in progress, I've not picked up the Bohus for almost a week--it's not a project I wanted to take on my trip. I'll try to get some daylight photos in the next few days, after a few more rows of the gorgeous, gorgeous yoke.

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tiennie said...

The yarn is so soft isn't it? I can't stop petting it.