Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let the record show . . .


. . . that although it took most of the weekend to find my US1 Addi Turbos, I have knit a swatch for the Bohus sweater, have watched said swatch, and am waiting for it to dry right now. It isn't huge (about four inches tall, and about five inches around), so I fully expect this to bite me in the ass later, but I want the record to reflect that I did at least make a minor effort to swatch. Basically, it looks like I can achieve gauge on size 0 needles, although it's wicked hard to dance and sing at the same time count stitches per inch on a black swatch knit with small needles. Maybe once it's dry it will be easier to count? DrySwatch

Here's the swatch before washing, you can see the purl line that separates the size 1 (2.5mm) from the size 0 needles. I really think that the 0s are what I'll end up using, the fabric looks a little denser and neater. I hate to go down to a 00 for the ribbing, though--I only have dpns that size, and they drive me a little crazy. I don't think I have any 2.25mm #1s, or they might work too.

Wicked2As if one black sweater wasn't enough, I have been working on Wicked as well. It's hard to see the progress, it's just inches and inches of stockinette stitch, and the photos aren't that interesting. It's hard to get the black to look really black, but still keep some detail (same with the dry swatch above, which looks charcoal but is quite black in real life).

I'm still working on the foot of Monsoon Sock #2, which is slightly more colorful than these photos. I'll probably post some photos of the sock at the baseball game tomorrow--t's Opening Day at Safeco Field, go Mariners!


Kristy said...

Wow, a sweater on size 0's. That's impressive :)

tiennie said...

OMG - A sweater on Size 0s? Can't wait to see it!