Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Underneath the Purple Rain

It's only raining normal rain here, but I am being crushed under the weight of tedious purple stockinette:


I've got close to six inches of J____'s Super Purple Girl skirt knit, and although I love the way it looks, it is mind-numbingly dull to knit. I made a ton of progress on Sunday, but I had to pull out a bit of lace to work on for awhile on Monday night to avoid snoozing at the needles. I wasn't sorry at all that I didn't have time to knit last night after getting home from yoga class, and tonight I am turning in early instead of pushing through a few more rows. I do look forward to the next color change (and am hoping that I've got enough yarn!), but it hardly seems fair that the yarn for Inamorata is now wound and taunting me. Here's a solo shot of the yarn, since the stockinette has totally numbed my brain, leaving me with nothing else to say:



AllyB said...

I hear you on the stockinette. I'm about 75% done with Mr. Greenjeans and the amount of stockinette in that was enough for me, LOL Your new blue yarn looks a lot like the yarn I just bought last weekend. Hmm

Two Pockets said...

Ah, the pain you are enduring for a soon to be 5-year-old is amazing. Stockinette is why I need to learn how to knit something complicated...otherwise I'm never going to stop pretending I knit.