Monday, May 24, 2010

Sheep to the Slaughter, Oh I Thought This Must be Love

April 30, 2010

Another project from my flurry of startitis in March / April: Celandine (Rav Link) from Twist Collective, in Halcyon Yarns fingering weight silk. It's a gorgeous little tank that is stockinette built off of the leafy medallions. So far, what I have done are the two swatches, and that may be where I stay for awhile. The designer (Jennie Pakula) has an interesting approach to incorporating the tendancy of silk to stretch lengthwise. The approach is to use it instead of fighting it, which is why the stockinette swatch is really important. You knit a swatch, and then hang it vertically with a knitting needle weighing down the bottom, so that you can measure based on the drape that you will end up with. It's pretty cool to see what was a squat swatch stretch out so much. I think that my gauge is o.k., or will be if I get a lot of stretch out of the final product. The fabric is a little on the sheer side, but I think that I can deal with that with a dark silk lining if my pasty white belly shows through. I have a feeling that it may be awhile before I really need to worry about it--those medallions use 000 needles, so they require a lot of concentration!

Sheep to the Slaughter, Oh I Thought This Must be Love: Elvis Costello, Big Sister's Clothes


~RaenWa~ said...

That is going to look nice in that color yarn can't wait to see it all together. Wow size 000 needles I don't think I have seen any that small before. Talking about really loving a project lol.

Rainy Daisy said...

This is beautiful! I hope you will keep going with it...I'd love to see how this turns out. And don't you love those clever designers?