Sunday, March 01, 2009

Long story short . . .


. . . I didn't run to the finish line on the Red Hot Chili socks on Saturday, so they're closer to being done but still not quite there. I did work on them, but there were other things on the agenda as well, and 45 rows on size 0 needles does take a bit of time.

Somehow, it was easier to work on a project I started a few days ago, Chill by Sarah Dallas, from an old Rowan magazine. I'm using Louet Riverstone Chunky that I bought a month or so ago when Webs sharply discounted it--less than $5 for a 100-gram skein. I was planning to knit this Vine Lace Cardigan with it, but it would have required either a lot of recalculating, or using a gauge that felt too "holey" for this yarn. I've had my eyes peeled for a 14-stiches to 4 inches gauge sweater (and went through hundreds of patterns on Ravelry) before realizing that this sweater would work. It's from Rowan 32, which was published in 2002, so it's not a very "Ravelable" project. There's one other project in process on Ravelry (or maybe it's finished), and mine is the only project with photos. In fact, I only pulled out this magazine after reading about Pearl from the same issue on the Mason-Dixon blog--without that prompting, I might still be looking!

The pattern has an intarsia design option, but the photo that really sold me on it is the plain grey version that Sarah Dallas is wearing in a photo in the magazine. It's cozy, it's got a zipper (which I may replace with button bands, and I've got more than enough yarn for it. So far, it's coming along very well--I'm almost to the armhole shaping on the back.

I know I have a bad track record with finishing things (see aforementioned socks), but I'm feeling pretty good about this sweater. I don't think that I've finished a sweater since before the turn of the century, but if I could just finish and wear one that either fits well or at least doesn't look ridiculously bad, then maybe I'd turn over a new leaf. There are soooooo many inspiring patterns and yarns available now, it seems a shame not to give it a try!


gayle said...

Pearl is pretty interesting, too.
Several years ago, before I had ever heard of Rowan, I was looking through a box of old magazines at a flea market in Brighton (UK - trip of a lifetime!) and came across several Rowan magazines priced at a pound apiece.
I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy them...

Cactusneedles said...

I like that sweater! Keep knitting! :)