Friday, March 13, 2009

With the Sky Blue Sky

AZ Photos

Left: A Blue Sock at batting practice, Right: Manny Ramirez in blue shoes

Another hot day today in the greater Phoenix area! We spent the morning at the M's training camp watching the team practice, and I worked a little on a new sock. It's from a sock club, and as you know the first rule about sock clubs is do not talk about sock clubs. I think that it's pretty safe to discuss, but there may be people who don't have their package yet, so I'll hold off on naming the club / pattern / yarn. But isn't it pretty? And close to the M's colors, too.

The main M's squad played in Tucson today, so we went to the new Dodger's training facility instead. It's really nice, and our seats were terrific, but we sat in full sun all day which is a little much for me. One of the highlights was seeing Manny Ramirez get his first hit of Spring Training (this was his first game)--I didn't photograph the actual hit, but the photo above may be from the same at bat. I was eating ice cream during that at bat, so I wasn't paying quite as much attention as I should have.

Tomorrow we head back to Seattle, where it's going to be at least 30 degrees colder than here. Brrrr. . . . it's hard to even imagine that after sitting in the sun all day!

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Cactusneedles said...

I like that you come every year for spring training! Hope it was warm enough for you! (Nice sock,too!)