Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Spring Training 2009

clockwise from top left: Ryan Rowland-Smith signing autographs, proof that Summer Sky Socks are done, Griffey takes a look, Goth Socks

Having a great time in AZ, the weather has been perfect (and our seats have been mostly in the shade), the beer has been cold and the food delicious. The baseball? Well, so far we've been to three Mariners blowouts (the M's on the losing end), and one World Baseball Classic exhibition game in which the Korean team was soundly defeated by the Padres. Tomorrow, we're going to see the Dodgers play the Rangers--two teams that I have no real opinion of, so maybe it will be closer?

In knitting news, I did manage to finish the Summer Sky Socks (which have been lingering since last summer) the night before we left. I didn't have a chance to get a good photo at home, so I wore them on the plane and took a photo today at the ball park. They were knit from Vesper sock yarn in Summer Sky, and they were knit toe-up using the beaded rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. They were meant to be finished by the end of August, but when they weren't done they moved into the car-knitting rotation which meant that they were worked on a few stitches at a time. They fit nicely, and I'm glad they are done--I didn't really like using a 5-stitch repeat, for some reason it was hard to get into rhythm with.

I brought the Goth Socks that I started on Oscar night, and have worked a little past the heel. I used the Lucy Neatby garter row heel, and am a little concerned that I didn't write down how many stitches I left unwrapped at the bottom. I want to say it was around 10, but that may not be precise enough to end up with two roughly matching heels. I really like the even stripes that this yarn produces, and I like the solid toe & heel really well. There are other socks that I brought with me to work on, but these are by far the easiest to work on while waiting for the action on the field to start, or while drinking beer in sports bars.

We have a couple more days in AZ, and then it's back to cold Seattle. I wish that I hadn't left my everyday coat in the overhead on the plane, I think I'm going to need it when we get back! That being said, at first I thought that my Spincycle Mitts were in the pocket, and I found them in my bag, so it isn't a big deal that I may not get the 8 year old raggedy jacket back.

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