Sunday, December 07, 2008



I'm not going to sugar-coat it--it's been a pretty terrible week. Frieda had an attack of pancreatitis, which meant a middle of the night trip to the animal emergency room, followed by two and a half days at the regular vet hospital. $1,200 later, she's doing pretty well, but we're watching her like a hawk and feeding her a special diet. Add to that the threat that this could happen again if she gets her paws on rawhide, or fatty human food, or any number of things that we don't think she has access to (but you never know, with a dachshund), and it's been very upsetting. My understanding is that pancreatitis is manageable through diet, but I'm still really worried about Frieda. This has basically killed my holiday spirit, while simultaneously eating up a ton of time that I should have spent on gifts, cards, or work-work. And the $$. Oh, the $$. Ugh--it's totally worth it, but it's definitely going to have an impact on more than a few things that I've been planning for early 2009, like reducing my debt level and saving for another trip to Europe.

I did finish the fingerless glove (Rav Link) above this week, which is half of a pair that should have gone in the mail on Monday. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it, since I have only finished about 4 rows of the second glove. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Silk. I've shortened the wrist-end of this a little in hopes of getting two gloves out of one skein, but I don't think I quite made it. I do have a second skein, so there should be plenty of yarn--and I may be able to get another pair of these out of the remainder. I like the cables on this pattern, but my favorite part is the twisted rib on the palm--it keeps them from being baggy, and the texture looks very cool.

Time to get back to my endless to-do list--at least I can check off "blog post" off of today's list!


alligator said...

I'm so glad Freida is okay!!! That sounds like a really scary and stressful experience. I have dogs too so I think I know how you feel.
Last month one of my dogs got into a porcupine to the tune of $360 (I only make about $600 a month right now!).

Rebecca said...

Poor Frieda! The poor girl's mishap just may help my teacup poodle who is slipped 'human' food by her 'human' dad all the time. I'm sure our human dad would freak if he saw what the vet bill could be for his little treats to our pooch. I hope you have a better week this week! Chin up!

Liberty's Yarn said...

Give Frieda big hugs from us. I'm glad that she's feeling better. You have got me thinking about pet insurance...I'll let you know if I find a good one.

On a completely different note - I LOVE your wrist warmers. From now on I'm just going to knit what you knit. =)

Laura said...

Oh poor Freida...and poor you! Hang in there!

~RaenWa~ said...

I am sorry to hear about Freida so glad she is ok & hope she continues to get better I love the color yarn you used for your mitts great pattern

ReneeC said...

The gloves did turn out really nice! I need to relearn to knit so that I can make some. I do not really do resolutions, but one thing I would like to to is less facebook word games and more crafts.