Saturday, December 20, 2008

Put On Your High Heeled Sneakers, We're Goin' Out Tonight

I've been fighting a fever for most of the week, and although I did some knitting early in the week and a little yesterday, I don't have too much to show for it. I'm so behind on Christmas cards that I may scrap them altogether, and I've not attended a single holiday related social event. There is good dog news, though--Frieda had her first post-hospital checkup yesterday, and she came out of it with flying colors. We need to keep her on the bland food for awhile, and we need to be extra careful about keeping other foods (and stuffed toys, since she sometimes eats a little stuffing) away from her, but it's very good news.

We didn't get any good advice about how to keep her or Gretel from being bad, however. In the last week, Frieda escaped to the neighbor's yard (where she can enter their house and eat anything within reach), and tried to find human food on the coffee table while I was standing right next to her. Gretel was able to reach my bowl of soup from an armchair and to drag tissues out of the bathroom trash that has a lid on it.

Anyway, the video above is in no way payback for the bad behavior witnessed in the last week. We've had an unusually cold & snowy spell here, and the backyard is full of icy snow. Frieda is susceptible to skin allergies, and has an itchy area on one paw that needs protection from the snow. She was visibly limping on the snow yesterday--and a dog that is uncomfortable outside is not good for anyone. However, as you can see, she's not super pleased with the shoes, either. Notice that Gretel makes a special guest appearance, if only to butt ahead of Frieda when going inside. Gretel loves to be first!


Musclemom said...

I have tried every brand of booties on my two dachshunds, and not only do they hate them, but they manage to pull them off. I have resorted to cutting the tip off party balloons (the small ones) and sliding them on their paws. They are harder to pull off and they protect their delicate little paws from the ice and the salt.
One of my dogs also suffers from skin allergies during the winter months. She "flakes" on her back and her chest, it's quite sad to see. I tried all kins of stuff and ended up having some success using a bit of my daughter's dermatitis skin cream (Lac-Hydrin) once every 2 to 3 days.
They are delicate little things with big attitudes, aren't they? And stubborn on top of that... I love your video, very typical of my two dogs!

AllyB said...

They're soooo cute. Glad Frieda is feeling better. Have a happy holiday!

Therese said...

So sorry to hear that you've been under the weather lately. It's been a heck of a holiday season so far, and the snow isn't helping anything! My cards aren't out yet either, but at least I was finally able to get to UPS and get my packages mailed! See you tonight?