Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seven Nights to Rock

Heart Monkey in Cambridge
One of Heart Monkey's Relatives, Cambridgeside Galleria

My plans for this summer include a lot of music, and this is a particularly busy time for that. 3 rock shows in 10 days in 3 states--and except for tonight's show in MA, I'm not talking about close-together states, either. I get a little tired just thinking about it! I'm also visiting some of Heart Monkey's relatives, though I'm not sure that the one above will be at the rock show tonight--according to J____, he's pretty busy.

The first show was on Wednesday--Aimee Mann at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Good show, but uneven sound and far too many people. Beautiful weather, though! I guess you can tell that we sat pretty far back, and weren't super engaged when you see the photos I took.

Here's one of the ice cream line:

Ice cream line

This is the ice cream that E__ and I ate:

Jul 16, 2008

I love the new Aimee Mann album, by the way.

Rock Show #2 up tonight! Followed a few hours later by a loooong flight back home. I'll try to get some non-ice cream related photos, although it's super hot and muggy here!


Efa said...

Now...tell me again, why is there a need for "non-ice cream" photos? I'm glad HM's relatives managed to squeeze you in for a visit!

Anonymous said...

A little Aimee Mann after taste