Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And You're the Busiest Girl


I'm still recovering from travelling last weekend (and hardly thinking yet about this weekend), but at the same time I'm itching to break into winding & knitting a new yarn acquisition. A friend at work travelled to the Shetland Islands recently, and brought me the sixteen hanks of yarn above as well as six balls of three neutral colors. Gorgeous, isn't it??? All of it is Spindrift, though only one of the hanks above came labelled with color number and dye lot. The variations between colors are so subtle that I really thought that there were multiples of several of them, but once I took them out of the package there don't seem to be any duplicates.

Must finish my class swatch before I start swatching with these . . . but it's going to be tough!


Jessica said...

Gorgeous colors.

emicat said...

Those are some gorgeous gorgeous colours!!!

They make me look forward to fall :)

what a super friend you have bringing you so much yarn! I need to work on my friend who travels a lot I see... heehee!

Peggy Latham said...

What treasure. Anxious to see what magic it becomes!

angelarae said...

That stuff looks gorgeous! Is it mightily expensive?