Sunday, July 27, 2008

July, July, July! Never Seemed So Strange

Crazy Week
clockwise from top left: One of Heart Monkey's Boston relatives and I discuss his intake of Planter's Punch, two photos of Wilco in Fairbanks, where it was probably close to 10pm when I took these photos, Farm Sign at J__ and T_'s Wedding

It's been a pretty crazy week around these parts. A 48 hour trip to Somerville / Cape Cod, a bout of incredibly horrible food poisoning on Wed night / Thursday, a 12 hour trip to Fairbanks to see Wilco, and the wonderful wedding (or committment ceremony, if you prefer) of my dear friend T_ to his partner J__. Everything was very tightly planned, except for the food poisoning, and I think that I've held up pretty well, except for the food poisoning. Did I mention the food poisoning? Let's never discuss it again. Today, I'm loafing around, napping, knitting a tiny bit, and trying not to resent that I couldn't stay out late enough for wedding cake last night. In other words, I'm giving moderation a try--I'll let you know how it goes.

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