Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh-oh-ooh-ooh Domino

Madrona Domino Knitting

I was only able to get into one class at Madrona this year, so I haven't got very much to report this year. I've been very lucky (and put more effort into) getting into classes in the last 3 or 4 years, so even though I was a little disappointed, overall it worked out fine. I saw some friends from prior years (Hi, Stephanie!), and I had time to check out the Marketplace (9 skeins of Shelter may have come home with me. It may have been the color "Long Johns").

The class that I was able to get into is one that I've had my eye on for awhile, Vivian Høxbro's Domino Knitting. It's a technique that I haven't tried before, but I've got one of Vivian's books and I really like the modern look & the interesting construction. The class was great--in three hours, we covered basic square construction, a half triangle, weaving in ends as you go, and setting in a square. The class project is a hat, which I may even finish if I have enough yarn--I pulled out a bunch of the Nature Spun Sport that I'm using on the Chevron mittens, and there probably isn't enough of the grey to finish the hat. I love the way my squares look (although they were so "neutral" compared to Vivan's samples!), and I'm excited to try this on a bigger project. Maybe a baby blanket? Maybe a hat from Vivan's book Knit to Be Square, or the big triangle pillow. So many options!

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