Sunday, February 06, 2011

Do You Have One Really Funky Sequined Space Suit, Bowie?

Sparkley Beret
Sparkle Beret, ribbing side & top

Since my return from Paris (which still pains me, by the way), I've overcome a fierce bout of jetlag, started a transition to a new job, and have been juggling a number of things that should have been done in early January. It's been a little tough to find the mental energy to work on anything at home that requires any attention. I'm emerging from that fog now (but may get sucked back in at any moment), so here's a little update on the Sparkle Beret: I've passed the second set of crown decreases.

As a recap: the pattern is Laura Chau's Lightweight Raspberry Beret, using Yarntini's Sparkle Sock yarn in Midnight Snow. Yes, the flecks you see above are sparkley! I'm knitting the women's large size, and I'm not sure if it's my gauge or I estimated my head size incorrectly, but it feels like it's going to be a little too roomy for me (my fine, thin hair requires no extra hat room, since it's really just the illusion of hair). I do know a few folks with more robust hair than I have, though, so if it doesn't fit me it should be easy to find it a home. I somehow believed that I could finish it in time to wear in Paris, which was ridiculous given my atrocious completion rate. It was part of my fantasy that I could make berets for the whole group going to Paris (there were six of us), which first occurred to me in late December. Ha--but at least I didn't start six berets.

This weekend, I did start a new project involving a chart (details in a future post), and so far I have been able to handle the mental strain, but I am really itching to finish up some long-term projects that really don't require a lot of work. The biggest challenge is that many of the projects have been separated from supplies/yarn required to complete them, so digging out all of the pieces may take up a lot of my available knitting / napping time. Oh, precious napping time!

Do You Have One Really Funky Sequined Space Suit, Bowie? : Flight of the Conchords

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Two Pockets said...

You know what's good for building mental energy?---cupcakes! and candy!