Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

(or, How Worried Should I Be?)

I've been sucked into another KAL, this time via the Socks that Rawk group on Ravelry. The pattern is the Leyburn Socks, and the group is trying to knit it in as many different colorways as possible. This pattern was already in my queue, and the deadline for finishing isn't until the end of March, so it's a good fit. About 150-ish people signed up before me, so all of the colors I already have were taken. I ordered a skein of Haida that I've had my eye on. When I wind yarn at home, I always hold the yarn over my finger so that I can feel for knots and get a slightly tighter ball of yarn. Here's how it looked when I finished:


The yarn looks great, but my finger? Normally there's not a black ring there, so really--how worried should I be? All that dye coming out isn't going to leave me with weird brown socks instead of richly blue and black socks, is it? I'll have to remember to give the socks a vinegar bath once they're all knit up. On the plus side, the color is just what I was looking for (assuming that it doesn't fade), and if it really sheds a lot of dye once I start knitting it, I know that Blue Moon will exchange it.


Walden said...

Yeah, I hate it when yarn does that. I had some teal yarn that did that and dyed my bamboo needles the same color in the process! Good luck. I love the leyburn pattern.

Jessica said...

I wouldn't be too worried. A little dye transfer from a really dark color like that where it's rubbing hard against your skin isn't out of the ordinary. If your hands get all black from handling the yarn then I'd be worried. And you might consider handwashing in cold water to best preserve the color in the finished socks.

Heather said...

I used Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade and it did the same thing. It's been washed quite a few times and I haven't noticed any fading. Of course, it's a different company, but my guess it's something relatively common with dark dyes.