Sunday, September 07, 2008

Baby, Baby, Please Let Me Hold Him

Baby Yours

It's been a really busy week--so busy, that I've be pretty much paralyzed by inaction this weekend. It's 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, and I have a long list of things that I didn't get done this weekend. Some of which really HAVE to be done, ugh.

I have been working on the Cables, Baby! sweater, and although I still think that the color is a little weak (and once it's in full sunlight, maybe a little splotchy), I like the way it's coming along. The cable pattern isn't as tricky at it looks at first glance, and I've only veered seriously off course once or twice (and realized it immediately). My "artistic" photo above doesn't quite show what's done--here are some better views:

Baby Yours Sweater
L to R: Completed back, closeup of cable, back and partial right front

I need to check my list of recent birth announcements to figure out which recently born baby will get this once it's finished, as there are several possible choices. I've got one in mind in particular, but I can't quite remember when that baby was born and if he's already 6 months old this sweater may not fit all winter. Fortunately, there is a seemingly endless supply of babies--it's a little like my weekend to-do list!


"Baby, Baby, Please Let Me Hold Him": Stay Up Late by Talking Heads.


knititch said...

it looks beautiful. i always knit baby things a little big so they can wear it for a longer time. say 9 months.

your blog is lovely. i am so much in to gigs and knitting myself so i will follow your blog.


Cactusneedles said...

I like the color. It's very soft, perfect for a baby! Great cables!