Monday, June 23, 2008

When the Sun Comes Out The World's Gonna Go Crazy

Quilt Shop Hop Haul

Have I mentioned that Spring may have finally arrived, just in time for Summer? On Saturday Mom and I went to six or seven quilt stores, and it was really nice to see the sun around here for a change. Most of the fabrics I bought are very spring / summery, too, even after it clouded up on Sunday. I bought patterns all over, some Amy Butler fat quarters in Chehalis, some Amy Butler yardage in a couple of other places, a Swell Jellyroll in Bothell, and some really cute Japanese piggy and frog fabrics in Bellevue. There were a few things that I was specifically looking for that I didn't find, but I did see a lot of great new fabrics and had a delicious meal at Burgerville. I can't stress enough how much Burgerville plays into my desire to Quilt Shop Hop--the closest one is also close to Sisters, one of my favorite stores on the Hop.

So what to sew first? I'm thinking about a small needle roll or soft folder to hold the tips of my Knitpicks options. I love the needles, but I don't like the binder at all. Hmmm. . . piggys or frogs? Or dachshunds, for that matter?


Laura said...

Ooooh, I love the frogs!!

Rhonda said...

I'd go for the frogs... but the pigs are cute too!

emicat said...

Man, that pig fabric is too friggin cute!!!