Saturday, June 07, 2008

3 is a Magic Number


So if you're having a party today for your 3rd birthday, and I'm invited to your party, I have a couple of things to say:

  • The photo above is your gift. It's a pattern from Melly & Me that I picked up at the sewing expo, and I used fabric on-hand to make. The name of the pattern is Sangsang, but you can name this doll whatever you like!
  • Who taught you to get on the internet, anyway? Seriously, my blog may be a little too adult for you, as it involves many controversial topics and deep debates about the issues of the day. Oh, wait, no it doesn't--you're probably fine, since you don't read yet. Right?

This is a cute pattern, I made the smaller sized doll. After getting it a little damp this morning photographing it amongst the strawberry plants, I decided that it was a little on the plain side, so I added a rick-rack belt.


Much better, I think! Happy Birthday, J____!


LizKnits said...

very, very cute... wish I was a three year old having a birthday today! =]

Rhonda said...

That's is just to d*mn cute! And the rickrack makes it!

P.S. Meat pie anyone?

e said...

omgosh - that is CUTE!!!