Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Do You Taunt Me, Grammys?

It's music week at the trivia night I go to, and so I am watching the Grammys. It's not broadcast live here on the West Coast, which is stupid, and the show is long, but if anyone asks me who sang "That Old Black Magic" with Keely Smith, I want to get the answer right. Although there was a Kid Rock question last week, so that's probably not what I'll need to know.

I've never placed much faith in the Grammys, even during my long years as a Music Industry Executive Receptionist. But somehow I still find it shocking that Wilco only got one nomination, and didn't win Album of the Year. All I can do is link to one of the many great songs on Sky Blue Sky, below, and continue to wonder about Yoko's hat.

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Lola and Ava said...

We turned it off after the Beyonce (hey look, I have a new nose, but I'll never admit it)/Tina (really, it's what all the 65+ are wearing) "debut" . . . kind of "meh" this year. Figured Amy Whinehouse would go on dead last so we had all good intentions of turning back, but didn't.