Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Two Toe Tuesday: Dog Nose Edition


Oh, Frieda--why are you not more impressed with my knitting? Wait a sec, I forgot that dachshunds can only destroy knitting, and that Frieda's archenemy is the sock. Well, socks are one of her archenemies. Her other archenemies include:
  • Gretel
  • Chester, a beagle at the dog park who has been antagonizing her by putting her whole head in his mouth since they were puppies. He doesn't bother any other dogs, and is otherwise well behaved.
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Note that I took six photos with flash (it's too dark without, so I'll settle for iffy colors) and she barely moved.

Back to the new toe. I started the second House Sock on Sunday, it may be another good project to take on my trip. If there's room in my bag of the 10 pages of photocopied pattern bits that are necessary to complete the sock, that is. Also, I'm not sure how this is possible, but my notes are a little sketchy on sock 1, so there is some danger that the socks won't be identical. Since the measurements are all for my feet, I'm sure that they will be close enough--they are House Socks, not Wear Out on the Town and Show 'Em Off socks. This should be the last project I start before Thursday, as I have a TON of work work to do between now and then, and I am bound to make mistakes if I start something without a little focus.


Kevin said...

I think you should make your brother (and his iPhone, yes I'm at my hairdresser waiting to get my hair cut) a pair of gloves for Xmas. Nice dog.

angelarae said...

Love the dog...how cute:) You can tell him that vacuum cleaners are also my archenemy as well, different reason, though. Also, the socks will be fab...they don't have to match exactly, silly. That's one of the perks of hand knitted socks.