Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quick Like A Bunny


Wow, this hat was quick to knit. Fixing "the Problem" wasn't too tough, either, and I can't tell which cable it was that was fixed. The hat is pretty snug on my giant head, but it doesn't pop off or anything. I haven't yet washed & blocked it, so I'm not sure how much it will grow--this is definitely waiting until the heat is back on. In any case, the person I'm planning to give this to has a smaller head than I do, so I think that the fit will be fine. The closer-up photo below makes the hat look taller than it is, probably because it's over a Pyrex measuring cup with a ball of yarn on top of it. The color is pretty true in both of these photos, they were taken in a sunny spot. Yesterday's photos were taken with the help of a full-spectrum bulb, so the colors look a little different (redder).

Although I wish that the thickness of the yarn was more consistent, I do really like the yarn and the finished product. If I believed that the yarn would come in time, I'd probably order a few more skeins to knit up for Christmas. I keep having to remind myself that I already have enough holiday knitting on my plate, and that late November isn't the time to add more!

Unoriginal Hat


Rhonda said...

Love the color of your hat and how it turn out. Bravo on fixing the dropped stitich!

Laura said...


Elizabeth said...

That looks awesome! I love that yarn!

I have some yarn ready to make that, but I think I need to pick up some needles to start.

emicat said...

Hmm, I may have to rethink wanting to knit that pattern (and to get some of that yarn!!!)

tiennie said...

Love this hat! Great yarn you chose.