Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Toe Tuesday: Top Down Stizz

The Triangle Shawl was barely pinned out before I wanted to start a new project. Not necessarily a big project, but something that would keep me occupied on some upcoming flights, something interesting but that wouldn't require that I stay chained to a book (House Socks, anyone?). Enter the Poppy Socks from Sundara Yarn's Petals Collection sock club:


I love this pattern. It's one pattern row, three plain rib rows. The pattern is a little fiddley (it's a cable with a hole in the center), but very pretty. Nice texture, shows off the yarn beautifully, and the cuffs aren't super high so they should be pretty fast and there will probably be yarn left over that I can use for something else.


Cactusneedles said...

I love that color!

tiennie said...

I loved this one too - goes so fast! There's a few errata in the pattern - nothing you couldn't figure out though.