Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Coolest Thing Out of Finland Since Laika & the Cosmonauts *

Or, what knitting all day on size 000 needles will get you:


I took Susanna Hansson's Lapland Hand Garments: The Mittens of Rovaniemi class on Sunday at the Nordic Knitting Conference, it was a little mind-blowing. Not to mention finger-cramping, neck-tensing, and butt-numbing--though I didn't really notice any of those things until later. I really enjoyed learning this new technique, I've never knit anything quite like it. I don't think that I can discuss this class with as much flair as the Yarn Harlot, so I refer you to her post about the very first such class.

Now it's Tuesday, here's a more recent photo:


Yes, that's right--no additional progress. This method is not to be attempted while two dogs are on the lap, the television is blaring, and the old lady you live with is yammering on about the Senior Center. I'll be travelling a bit in the next couple of weeks, which should give me a little more quiet time if I dare to bring it along with me.

In other photos, Desiknitter asked to see a side view of the Home & Hearth Eyelet Anklets. I hadn't even looked at them sideways, and now that I have I can see the genius of Cat's book. They are completely freaky looking because there aren't any gussets, but yet they fit perfectly. I couldn't photograph them on my feet sideways, but here they are on a (conveniently matchy) sock blocker:


See, no gussets! Totally smooth! The sock looks even weirder when it's not on a sock blocker:


Must cast on sock #2 soon, before I lose the mojo. I'm very close to finishing the Triangle Shawl, though, so I'm trying to focus on that.

* Not familiar with Laika & the Cosmonauts? They're only the best surf band out of Finland!


Cactusneedles said...

Wow! I like those socks!

tiennie said...

It does sound like a cool class!

Desiknitter said...

Thank you for taking the picture! I wanted to see how "high" they went and that gives me an idea - I have some single skeins I can probably use.
Those mittens look daunting but lovely!