Monday, October 29, 2007

Spoiler Alert: RSC Oct 2007

Here's the penultimate Rockin' Sock Club yarn from the 2007 club. There are six total, right?

I love this yarn, although it's mighty close to some other sock yarn that is currently in my stash. The pattern looks interesting, although I haven't actually looked at it (or the rest of the stuff that came in the package) that closely yet. I'll catch up on that (and hopefully everything else I'm behind on) soon! I did complete the Flat Stanley project, he had a pretty good time on his travels. Here's a very seasonally-appropriate shot, one of my favorites from the batch:

Flat Stanley In the Flowers


Therese said...

Hmmm, looks kind of like one of Sundara's...

Naomi said...

I really was pleased with this one. I do like the pattern that came with it. I want to knit it but just no time!

Did you renew for next year?