Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink Moon


First finished item of 2010--a doll shawl for my friend J______, the proud owner of the Pink Ishbel I knit in mid-2009. Really, she loves the Ishbel--she was suspicious when I borrowed it for Liberty's Sock Summit booth, and she told me on New Year's Eve that she was going to get me a blue shawl so that we would both have shawls. The yarn is Liberty's Yarn Kaguya (same as the Ishbel), in the lovely color Zsa Zsa. I think that I may never run out of this yarn--I think I probably still have enough left for another (very) small project.

I usually try to start a new project on January 1, but haven't started something new yet. I'm really hoping that 2010 is the year I FINISH (or frog) some of the many projects I already have started. I'm running out of needles, and space to store half-done things!

Hope that everyone has a Happy New Year!

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AllyB said...

Ooo, pretty! I think it's a finishing band-wagon in 2010. Jump on with me.