Monday, October 05, 2009

This Will Go Perfectly With My Pointy Nose & Shoes


Ends woven in, washed & dried (gently, via machine), and Wicked is finally finished. Add one pointy hat, a long black skirt, and maybe a black-and-green striped long sleeve shirt underneath, and I'll be all set for Halloween! Or perhaps I'll just wear it to work one of these days.

This is a pretty basic sweater, and it fits well enough, but most of all I'm glad that it's really done. So glad that I'm not even willing to wait for a sunny day to photograph it. It's really nice to cross a long-standing WIP off the list, instead of getting 95% done and then putting it away.


RisaJ said...

looks good. i just rip my wicked was too big....i will start over this weekend.

AllyB said...

It's beautiful!

Lola and Ava said...

I've looked at Wicked over and over again but have yet to make it. Yours might tip the scale to the "make it" column. Really, really nice!