Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello, Darkness My Old Friend

Black Sleeves

A spooky sweater update on a spooky Halloween . . .

I've been very slowly working on the Black Diamond cardigan that I last posted about in April, and I've reached a major milestone--I started the sleeves! This cardigan (pattern link here) is knit bottom up in one piece to the armholes, then you knit the sleeves, and then join it all together. I'm knitting the sleeves two at a time because otherwise there's zero chance I will match up the increases. It feels like these are zipping along, because it's all stockinette for the time being--no pattern to worry about, and waaaaaaaay fewer stitches than the body has.

While I love knitting with this yarn (DIC Classy, Rav link) I am a little nervous about the color variation between skeins. I've been trying to mitigate this by alternating skeins, and I even switched one of the skeins at the halfway point so that I wouldn't end up switching both at once. I'm not sure how successful this has been--it appears that the first half skein was pretty dark, and I can tell where it changed. Fingers crossed it will be o.k. in the end, and my fingers are also crossed that the two skeins I'm using for the sleeves are not going to result in wildly different colored arms--one is a little bluer right now, but it's still early days. I didn't think I could manage four yarn ends at once, so I'm also hoping that one sleeve does not take more than one skein. Worry, worry, worry--is that what I'm really getting out of this sweater? I hope not!


~RaenWa~ said...

I love the pattern on the sweater. I hope someday to eventually branch out & knit a sweater but for now I will stick to baby sweaters lol.

Anonymous said...

I think the color variation in that yarn is great so you must be doing the right thing by alternating yarns! It is pretty! I just frogged a black cashmere scarf I was knitting for my Mom because the black was driving me crazy...especially since I was knitting lace. Your sweater looks lovely, especially displayed agains the pumpkins!