Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Gigantic Nuclear Furnace

Drawstring Bags for Sock Summit

The gigantic nuclear furnace that has been wielding it's power over the Seattle area in the last week has lightened up a bit. It's only 83 degrees in the house right now, and it's been cooling down at night, so it's bearable and I'm back to sewing bags for Sock Summit. I've outsourced my buttonhole problem to a professional, and while I wait for those to come back I've started on some drawstring bags. With a little help (thanks, Mom!), I think that I can get 15-20 of these done by the time I have to leave on Wednesday, without having to call in sick or take any of those stay-awake drugs. And since I just found someone to watch the dogs while I'm away (my original sitter fell through), I won't have to make service dog vests (fake) for them and say that they are for my social backwardsness disorder (probably real).

Now I just need to finish every knitting project I've ever started, clean up the house, and pack, and I'll be all set!


Liberty's Yarn said...

Holy crap - I need a pair of those dog vests for the very same disorder. LOL

The bags look amazing - I can't wait see them in the booth!

AllyB said...

I'm jealous that you're going to Sock Summit! Hope you have a great time. That service dog vest thing is a great idea, btw, LOL

dem Efa said...

I do not know why you even pretend you are going to clean the house before you leave...I think the dogs need service vests because you have a delusional disorder.

J___ is looking for the shawl and Heart Monkey claims he really needs it so "he can measure it for a friend."

Therese said...

Love the idea of those dog vests! ;-)

See you in Portland! (I'll be the one frantically trying to finish my homework tomorrow night...)