Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can You Hear Her Blacks Crackle and Drag

August 30, 2009

I've made some good progress on Damson since last Thursday, and was hoping to be able to show off the sparkles in the Starry, as well as the way the shawl is taking shape. When I tried to spread it out, though, it looks a little crazy--either the top looks weirdly rectangular (I'm NOT knitting a sailor collar!), or the fabric buckles and curls. Architectural, yes--but not exactly saying much about how this will eventually look! And the sparkles are only visible if you really squint at them--I think I need a special effects camera, that will turn them into disco stars or something.

So I refer you to the original, as well as some really pretty versions here (Rav Link) and here and here (Rav Link). In looking these up, I notice that this is now the most popular new pattern on Ravelry. No surprise--easy instructions, uses just one skein of sock yarn (who doesn't have some of that?), and is a really cute twist on a standard triangle shawl.

"Can You Hear Her Blacks Crackle and Drag": Paul Westerburg, Crackle and Drag.

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AllyB said...

The great thing about knitting a lace project is the transformation from blocking. hang in there, it's looking nice so far. I love black but it is very difficult to see for older eyes, LOL