Saturday, March 15, 2008

What, Too Busy to Knit?

I'm back at home, but preparing for another busy week. Mom and I leave for Spring Training on Thursday, and I'm still a little behind from last week, but the yarn for my Vickie Cardigan arrived so I started the first sleeve:

Sleeve #1

So far, so good--I had a small problem with the first transition from the "O" to the "X" on the side cables and had to rip back several rows, but otherwise all is going well. The color of the yarn is exactly what I wanted, it's a Cascade 220 Heather that's a navy/red blend. I'll try to get some natural-light photos to see if the color will show up better--the photo above looks more grey to me.

ETA: Crap! I just noticed a mistake in the photo above. Maybe I can crochet hook it back into order?

The Smooshy socks are moving along, I'm just about to the heel. Nothing like six hours on a bus to promote sock knitting progress! I'd like to finish the heels this weekend, so that these are back on auto-pilot travel project status.

I haven't had a chance to respond to the comments from the last post yet, and I really need to get to work, so here are answers to the questions:

What color is the Smooshy?
Dusky Aurora. I love it, the colors are beautiful and the transitions are really subtle.

Sleeping Lady?
Yes, Sleeping Lady. I wish that I could live in a cabin like that (with maid service and a delicious cafeteria, of course). Wouldn't that be a great place for a knitting retreat? Maybe they already have them there.

Stitch Pattern hard to memorize?
No, not at all--one row of real pattern, three rows of following the rib. After the first inch or so, I've only checked the pattern to see how close I am getting to the heel.

Two Socks at Once hard?
The only tough thing is getting the two socks started at once, and ripping out two socks instead of one if you make a mistake. I take the easy way out, and start the toes one at a time and then put them together. I usually knit the toe (or cuff) and a bit of the pattern to make sure I'm happy with the gauge/color/pattern before starting the second sock--I really don't want to rip out two whole cuffs or toes.

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