Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Toe Tuesday: Would You Believe a Finished Pair?


I started these Smooshy Socks back in March, and I can't believe that it's taken so long to finish them. I love the yarn (Dream in Color Smooshy on Ravelry in Dusky Aurora) and the pattern (Eyelet Rib Toe-Up Socks by Wendy Johnson), but I was working on a lot of other projects during that time. I wasn't necessarily finishing many projects, but I was working on a lot of them! I'm hoping that all of that incremental work is going to add up to a number of quickly finished projects sometime soon--but don't hold your breath.

These socks travelled with me to Spring Training, to a work conference in Leavenworth, WA, and all over the Seattle area, but they didn't go with me on my trip to Europe, so they took at least a full month off during that time. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. The fit is great, and I love the color of the yarn. There are probably some areas where I reversed the decreases (did K2tog instead of SSK, & vice-versa), but they don't stand out at all. The biggest problem I had was the bind-off, which was too tight and had to be picked out and re-worked. I ended up using the version that Grumperina describes here, and it worked like a charm. Let's just hope they are tight enough to stay up, because I hate a slouchy sock.

The finished socks weigh about 87 grams, and I have about 30 grams of yarn left. I don't imagine that I could have made the socks much longer than they are without adding some sort of calf shaping, which I wasn't going to do. I know that the photo above doesn't show how tall they are--here's another shot where you can see how high the socks come up (about an inch higher than dachshund height), as well as my stunningly tanned legs:


Frieda was completely uncooperative when I tried to include her in the photo--she refused to look at the camera in any of the 12 photos that I took. I suppose that it is her job to watch the backyard for cats, not pander to the camera or flaunt her natural good looks. Very annoying for me, though--especially since she'll try and fight these socks if she sees me putting them on!


Ella said...

Oh oh oh! Those are my dream socks. It's every single one of my favorite-ist colors all wrapped into one fabulously patterned pair of socks!


Funky Mama said...

I.....I don't get the bind off. Show me tonight?

Lola and Ava said...

Socks look tres lovely but thanks for that link for a stretchy bind-off. That is always my problem with toe-up and I am sick of picking out EZ's bind-off and frogging the sock. I'll try this for the next pair I finish.

Anonymous said...

The socks are beautiful!!

Jennifer said...

I love them! The color and pattern work so well together. This may be just the push I need to retry toe up socks.

Rebecca said...

Very nice, Carrie! Love the pattern and the color. I know how it goes when you are working on a number of things at once...seems like they take forever.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the socks...I started those in a white tweed, but they have been sitting in my knitting bag since November. Time I picked 'em up again, don't 'cha think?