Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bumbershoot 2009: And on Monday, Even More Rain

September 07, 2009

Here's how yesterday went:
  1. Weather cloudy, but not raining, so Frieda and I leave for Bumbershoot
  2. Halfway to Seattle, it starts pouring
  3. Then it stops pouring
  4. Then it starts again
  5. Then it lightens up & we head inside
  6. Frieda is fired up--popcorn is everywhere!
  7. Arrive at the Starbucks stage just in time to see the Minus 5
  8. Rain starts again
  9. Frieda is most popular dog around
  10. Show starts a few minutes late
  11. Frieda is drenched, but wrapped in towel and fine
  12. 10 minutes later, she's more wet, and shivering
  13. We bail 1/2 way through the Minus 5's set (which was really good, by the way)
  14. We leave Seattle Center less than an hour after arriving
  15. Parking still costs $15
  16. We stop at Macrina Bakery
  17. I hear someone say "smells like wet dog in here". I suspect she's talking about me.
  18. I drop my iPhone. It seems to be working still.
  19. Except for the screen, which now shows only a few lines
  20. Which means I can't turn it off, access data, or read the two text messages that arrived after I got home.

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Cactusneedles said...

Love that shot of Frieda's nose! It took me a minute to figure out what it was!