Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Toe Tuesday: Frieda's Watching Out For These Two


Was it only six or so weeks ago that I couldn't bring myself to work on any socks? In May and June, I worked on blanket squares, and triangle shawls, a scarf, and even finished a really old baby sweater, but barely any socks. Evidently, those days are over--I've pretty much only worked on socks for the last month, except for the 4th of July dishcloth. I'm even close to finishing another pair--I'm just about ready to to start the gussets on the second Strawberry Van Dyke (on the right). As mentioned previously, this pattern is from Wendy Johnson's new sock book. The instructions are really good, and I like the fit, but it's a little bit boring, lace-wise. The color is so bright, though, that it doesn't really need a lot of other stuff going on. I can't say enough good things about this Yarntini sport weight yarn--it's squooshy, it's vibrant, and it knits up wicked fast (as they say in Boston).

I'm also pretty close to finishing the first Sock Summit logo sock (on the left). The Sock Summit sock colors are growing on me more now that I'm in the real colorwork section, but I still sort of wish I'd gone with a more solid black and a solid (or even slightly more solid) contrasting color. In Boston, I picked up some gorgeous Shelridge Farm yarn that would be perfect--and by "picked up", I mean that E____ ordered it for me when she ordered the yarn she needs for her Sock Summit class, and it arrived while I was there. A solid black, and a limey green--maybe for another pair?


Rebecca in CO said...

I have been knitting socks in a frenzy, too....and had thought I was done with them. Amazing how that happens! Your socks look great! And, I really like your 'Two Toe Tuesday" idea since I generally have two pairs going at once.

AllyB said...

I am totally loving the multi color and what did you do to make the top look like that? It is awesome.

ruthee... said...

I have really been enjoying reading about your sock knitting. I think socks are perfect summer knitting! I love the sock summit socks - I am going to have to find that pattern!

The real question is....did the baby sweater you finish still fit the baby it was intended for? *grin*

~RaenWa~ said...

I love the multi colored sock I am a fan of anything varigated lol. I have been thinking about trying socks toe up. I can't wait to see how your socks come out