Sunday, May 04, 2008

Say I'm the Only Bee in Your Bonnet

I've got a few little things to share, so rather than a bunch of tiny posts I'm just dividing this post up into chapters. I'm a model of efficiency this morning!

Djevellue: Done


I-cord ties applied! I'm not really great with the i-cord, but these will do. Now the only question is whether or not it will fit the intended baby, although there are plenty of other baby candidates if it doesn't. The pattern is Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap / Djevellue and the yarn is Dale Baby Ull. This was a very quick knit, I really like the stripes and the colors.

Has this vaction started yet?

I'm still working on my other pre-trip prep. The backpack / tote is close to being finished, but it might not be big enough to work as a carry-on for this trip. That pattern is really great, though--the directions are super clear without being overly wordy. I've had zero issues so far that were not directly related to my half-assed sewing skills. I haven't decided about the Paris yarn, but I'm thinking Monkey or Jaywalker. I like my first Monkeys, but I hated the Jaywalkers I started last year. Hmmm . . . maybe Monkeys.

More Lunch Photos

In other housekeeping, here are last week's lunches--there are only three, due to a couple of work-related lunches:

Lunch, Week of April 28

My favorite thing this week was probably the tomato-cucumber-goat cheese salad in the second row. I threw some balsamic & a little oil, and marinated overnight. Delicious! Otherwise, you can see a pattern forming: tiny bagel for breakfast, salad of some sort, entree of some sort, fruit. Even though there's a lot of same-ness, there's enough variety to keep me from getting bored with lunch. It would be pretty easy to liven things up with bad foods (tub full of BBQ pork, anyone?), but it's not that hard to keep it reasonably healthy.

I'm even thinking about packing a little bento for the trip, although I'm not hauling Mr. Bento on the plane. And I'm not sure how much liquid makes a food a liquid for TSA purposes--if I put the salad dressing on before I go through security, am I o.k.? Maybe I'm better off just buying food once I'm through security, but it would be nice to have a snack that I know is fresh, healthy, and of reasonable size.

6 Weird Things About Me

Liberty tagged me for the 6 Weird Things About Me meme, here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2.Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six weird things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six others. And let them know they’ve been tagged!

Here are my six weird things--but are they really that weird?
1. I have only ever owned German cars, I love German dogs (dachshunds, of course), and I took German language courses for fun when I lived in Boston, but with the exception of the Frankfurt airport I've never been to Germany. I have been to seven other European countries, however.
2. I can't stop listening to the Vampire Weekend record. It's in my car, on my iPod at work, and on the iPod I take to the gym. I've probably listened to the whole thing maybe 50 times in the last six weeks. I suspect that within the next couple of months I'll put it away and never listen to it again, but I'm not there yet.
3. I have four iPods. And I want more.
4. I may have been the only person at Wellesley whose tuition was partially paid for with a bowling scholarship. I won $1000 in a tournament when I was in 9th grade.
5. My first job was at a Dairy Queen, where I selected a brown polyester uniform rather than a more comfortable / flattering cotton uniform. I think that this is why I only recently started wearing brown again (it's been 23 years since I worked there).
6. The day that I arrived in Vienna, I ate a chicken dish at a Chinese Restaurant. For the next seven months, I probably ate at that restaurant every one-two weeks, and I ate the same thing almost every time. Seriously, I can only remember ordering one other dish, and that's because the restaurant owner was telling my friend S__ that I should try other things and I was embarassed. When I get to Vienna in two weeks, I am going to eat that same dish--after seven years, I still remember that it was "Nummer 41". I can't wait!

I'm short on time (must really start packing today), so I'm opening up the tagging for volunteers--have at it!

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